Features and Process

Features and Development Process

From capturing and development of the 360 degree views to uploading the final tours and scenes to your website 360 Virtual Tours South Africa will be there with you every step of the way.


Step one is to capture the 360 degree views of your venue. We will discuss the number of views and process virtually and then our photographer will visit your site and capture the actual 360 degree views of the venue.

Editing and Development

Step two and the largest part of the project is creating and editing the 360 views then developing the final tour and layout. 

Final Tour Online

Step three ad the fun part is getting the Virtual Tour online. There are various ways that the tour can be displayed and we will assist your web developer to get these online or should it be required our web developer can add the tour to your website for you.

Some standard features of our 360 Virtual Tours



The 360 Virtual Tour will automatically resize and adjust to the users device ensuring they have the best touring experience possible.

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Desktop Friendly
  • Tablet Friendly


Our tours offers users various ways to navigate between the views makng it very user friendly and enjoyable to view.
  • Drop Down Combobox
  • Thumbnails
  • Quicklinks
  • Previous / Next Buttons
  • Map / Floor Plan

Custom Design

All our tours are individually designed with your brand and color scheme in mind. Our goal is to create something that compliments your brand and online identity. 

  • Your websites color scheme
  • Your Logo

Diffrent ways that you can use your tour

The tours are generally hosted on our server (At no extra cost) as it is perfectly setup run the tours and load them fast. They also use allot of bandwith so if you have a limited package you don't need to worry about changing it as it will use our bandwith. All you need to do is get your website developer to connect your website to your tour in one of the following ways.

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Link Direct link to your tour (Recomended)
This is just a link from your website to your virtual tour. This is the recommended way as it offer the best way to view the Virtual Tour and the least amount of work for your web developer. 

This is what it will look like:

View 360 Virtual Tour!
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Pop up box
Your web developer can add a pop up box for users to view the tour. The box will still load the tour from our website but will appear in a pop up on your website.  This option is a little more work for your developer and might not be available on your websites platform but if done correctly it can be great. 

This is what it will look like:

This is a demo of a pop up window
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Embedded Virtual Tour
Embedding a tour into your website will allow users to view the tour or a specific scene in a window directly on your website. This is great if you would like to show a room or specific venue on the page corrosponding page on your website. Then users can view the 360 while reading the facts etc about it.

Below is a demo of a embedded Virtual Tour.